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Loose Cannon 5 star review from ItsAllyMcMental

I was given this book to read and I was asked to give an honest review so here goes. Opening page you hit the ground running. It doesn't let up for a second all the way through. The characters are portrayed brilliantly. From the main character and his partner to the doorman they are all brilliantly written into this story. I can actually see the doorman maybe one day getting his own story told. The plot is good and solid. The detectives girlfriend disappears a year ago, he's still feeling the loss of not knowing what's happened to her. While this is in the background of his mind daily he still tackles crime and even the criminals are well described. Could it have been better? Well yes of course it could but if this is what he dishes up as his debut novel then look out as this author is going places. Debut novels don't usually offer so much. I've read many that didn't remotely come close to what this author has delivered. I will be eagerly waiting to see what he does next. Overall would I recommend it? Hell yes Did I enjoy it? Without a doubt Will I buy more of this authors work? In a heart beat yes

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