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5 star review of Loose Cannon by mychestnutreadingtree

About this book…

A psychopath is loose in London. Detective Joe Stone must hunt the serial killer before a gangland civil war breaks out.

My review…

Wow! This debut crime thriller raises your heart rate right from the first page and doesn’t let up the tension until the very last sentence, the one that will have you screaming “WHAT??? I need the sequel and I need it NOW!!”

This is a very self assured debut by Jack Steele and a great introduction to Joe Stone (a reference to his appearance being a little like Ryan Phillipe helps the imagination!). It’s a sharp and snappy way of storytelling with short chapters some ending with mini cliffhangers, which mean you fly through the book unable to stop at the end of the previous chapter. It felt very fresh and flowed with a heart racing speed through the hunt for the “loose cannon” with twists and turns at every junction you come to.

Although in essence a police procedural, I actually loved the gangland element of this thriller. From the opening chapter, with its nightmare feel as Marcia realises there is someone in her bedroom, the pace never lets up as two crime families are brought together in a forced war. And it was a touch of genius to have the backstory of Stone’s girlfriend Gemma having being abducted a year before. It gave him a vulnerability that made him easier to relate to.

I actually got up extra early (foregoing my school holiday lie in!) so I could sit in peace and quiet to finish this off this morning. But I had to have a nice calming chamomile tea after instead of my morning coffee as I’m not sure my heart needed that extra shot of caffeine after the rush of the final few pages! In fact this reminded me of those early Simon Kernick novels for that adrenaline fuelled rush you get whilst reading!

I’m now looking forward to reading more by Jack Steele and hope the sequel can live up to the promise of this first enjoyable instalment.

I received my review copy from the author.

Loose Cannon was self published on 26th January 2016 and is available to buy from Amazon

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