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Happy New Year!

As 2017 fast approaches I have taken time to reflect on 2016 and what an amazing year it has been. I met so many authors, readers and bloggers at the 'Birmingham Author/ Blogger Bash' ; the Harrogate Crime Festival and in a small Nottinghamshire café for Cathy Bramley's latest book launch. Everyone are so generous with their support and friendship and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Following the January release of 'Loose Cannon' I approached book clubs and bloggers who were kind enough to offer reviews and interviews for which I am so grateful. These include Nicki Murphy, Shell Baker, Neats, Jackie Roche, Sue Gale, Joanne Robertson, Caroline Maston, Shalini Boland, Tim Walker, Fiona Mcvie, Elaina James, David Ellis and Barbara Copperthwaite to name but a few.

Another surprising highlight for me was when Kim Nash invited me to the Birmingham Author/Blogger Shenanigans. This would be my first outing as an author and as I entered the building I will admit to having some nerves. Everyone was so friendly and I soon relaxed and joined in the chat. It's a great way to network and meet bloggers Heide Goody, Shelley Wilson, John Jackson, who were willing to share their experiences with me.

It was in Birmingham that Kim invited me to a tearoom in Nottinghamshire for Cathy Bramley's book signing. It was a chance to meet Cathy along with Christie Barlow, K.L.Slater and Kel Wakefield. I will definitely go there again (the cream teas are great!)

The Harrogate Crime Festival was another chance to meet with more authors and bloggers, Noelle Holten, Nicky Black, Susan Hampson, Tara Lyons, Caroline Mitchell, Vicky Newham and many more. I spotted other faces in the crowd that I thought I knew but found myself shying away from approaching them with 'Hey you are ....nice to meet you' only to find they weren't who I thought they were!

My Son accompanied me and he, like me, was amazed that Martina Cole and her entourage sat beside us on the lawn. She was more than happy to take her picture with us, even getting someone to take the three of us together. Peter James was another who was happy to spend time chatting with us. Next year Lee Child is attending so I will definitely be travelling up north once again to meet him!

I had an interesting conversation with actor Stephen Marcus while on the Gangster tour of London. It was inspirational to see the locations where the Krays plied their trade and the gritty side of organised crime.

In September I was part of a four man team, hooking up with Owen Mullen, Peter Best, Pete Adams Author for the Online Party for lovers of Crime Fiction novels. I enjoyed the live interaction with everyone and Sue Harrison (thanks for the shares) was the winner of my competition to be a named character in my next novel. would definitely do that again.

October Birmingham Author/ Bloggers bash I met Linda Hill, Tom Bale, Graham Smith amongst others and it was great to catch up with Shell, Barbara, Elaina once again.

Gill Webster, Tracie Wilkinson, Paul White, David Akers, Sandra Nicholls and last but not least my great friend Clive Baker. All have taken an active role in my reading group and have supported me with their comments and criticism which I have noted and edited my book pre-publication.

The Nottingham Writers Studio have been supportive and I would like to thank Pippa Hennessey and Angela Foxwood for their support.

My appreciation to James West for the amazing cover design for Loose Cannon

Finally I would like to thank my wife for her love and support in allowing me the time to write and follow my dream

So next year is hours away and the sequel to Loose Cannon will be out in 2017. I'm looking forward to it.

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