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Praise for Loose Cannon, the first book in the Detective Joe Stone series

I would like to thank all those that gave great reviews for Loose Cannon, the first book in the Detective Joe Stone series.


A fantastic read! Loose Cannon is a hard-hitting, fast-paced crime thriller and one that I couldn't bear to put down. As debut novels go, this one is an absolute stonker. If you enjoy a gripping thriller then this is just the book for you and I would highly recommend it.


Holy hell I cannot believe Loose Cannon is a debut novel, having read some cracking reviews. This book went to the top of my pile and I sure as hell wasn't disappointed. I absolutely loved it.

Chelle’s book review

A fast-paced and enjoyable debut! Wow! This debut crime thriller raises your heart rate right from the first page and doesn't let up the tension until the very last sentence.

What a book! The action starts on page 1 and doesn't let up until the end. The pace of the story was just right. The short, snappy chapters kept me turning the pages with bated breath; wondering what was going to happen next! There's never a dull moment in the plot, so if you're after a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat this is definitely one for you. Jackie Roche

Rolls along at a cracking pace. Excellent characterization with enough 'back story' on the lead players to enhance the readers’ sense of involvement. An amount of research by the author is evident in the settings and descriptions of the locations, which gives the story a gritty and very real feeling of a criminal underworld at war.

Clive Baker

This is a great debut read from Steele. I am keen to read what is in store next for Joe and his team!

Sooz (P.Turners Book Blog)

I want to read more by this writer. The story was fab well thought out and moved along a good pace.

Jennifer Bradley

A well written and compelling novel. Short chapters keep this rolling and make you want to turn more and more. Joe is a believable character with years of experience and he certainly gets into the thick of it.

Misfits farm

Loose Cannon is a story that hits the pages running and barely pauses for breath.

Little Bookness Lane

I highly recommend reading Loose Cannon it’s electric with intense chapters.


Loose Cannon is the début novel for this writer, and what a début it is! It's hard hitting, action packed and an engaging read.


A fast-paced crime thriller that has you turning the pages from the start.


Great concept well carried out with great characters skilfully drawn. A novel that draws you in from first to last and leaves you wanting more. A great read.

Sue Gale

A must read. Gripping all the way. Disappointed it came to an end. Give me more of this author.

Anita & Paul

I truly loved this book! The story flowed throughout and kept me hooked. The short chapters seemed very reminiscent of James Patterson style of writing which I find so easy to read!


A gritty and compelling read, another new author for me and Jack Steele delivered and executed this book brilliantly. Definitely one author to keep your eye on I'd say. Great job look forward to more, much more.

Crazy Horse

This was an enjoyable read and have you hooked from page 1. It is an easy read and hard to put down because of the short chapters.

For a debut novel this is a good read and I would recommend this to others. Looking forward to book 2.

Ursula Bear

If you love Martina Cole and Roberta Kray then this is a book for you!


I enjoyed the pace, short chapters, description and the story was it seemed well researched.


Opening page you hit the ground running. It doesn't let up for a second all the way through. The characters are portrayed brilliantly. First rate.


It is a well plotted, well written thriller.

Mrs Caroline Maston

Excellent book - lots of interesting characters and a good plot that kept me turning the pages to find out more!! Looking forward to seeing how the characters develop.


I enjoyed the style of this book, & the way the story was told from the main character Detective Joe Stone's perspective, as well as some chapters being told in the third person. The chapters were short & left me wanting to read the next chapter.


Great read. The story carries you along at a frantic pace always waiting to turn the page to find out what happens next. Waiting eagerly for the second book!

David Page

Excellent. I didn't want to stop reading and I was engrossed in the story until the end. It should be made into a TV drama series.

Darren Smith

This is definitely a must read...suspense keeps u on your toes....I can't wait for the second book.


A good start to a new series.


Enjoyable fast paced crime thriller. Look forward to reading more from this author!

Susan Hunter

I really liked this book...I would also like to take the time to thank the Author Jack Steele for doing what you do for us Readers...I will be back to read more by you in the near future.


Will I read more books in this series? Certainly. Can I recommend it? Yes.

Carole Benson

A rip-roaring fast paced crime thriller.

TN Walker

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