I was born in Hackney, London and grew up on the Bannister House Estate. I enjoyed English at school with my English teacher, Bernard Phillips, always encouraging me to enjoy reading.


At 16, I left school and started a 4 year printing apprenticeship. To say there were a few dodgy characters that I worked/mixed with would be an understatement. They included petty criminals, football hooligans and gangsters. Obviously great characters for my novels! As I grew older, my love for the Crime Fiction genre became more apparent. As the years rolled by I became more discerning. The Crime Fiction books I was reading were either too descriptive with little action, or too many characters that confused me. This led me to decide to write a crime novel that appealed to my own personal taste.


I spent five years researching books, magazines, documentaries, movies and internet articles on various subjects. I concentrated on reading fiction/non-fiction on the subjects of Organised Crime, the Mafia, Vice, Psychopaths and Policing.' I completed a creative writing course and attended workshops run by the Nottingham Writers Studio.


In 2016 I published my first Crime Fiction novel 'Loose Cannon' which has received great reviews.