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Loose Cannon's 5 star review by Chelle's Book Reviews

Loose Cannon is a must read for anyone that enjoys gangland

Holly hell I can not believe Loose Cannon is a debut novel, having read some cracking reviews. This book went to the top of my pile and I sure as hell wasn't disappointed. I absolutely loved it. Having been at work all day and finishing early I couldn't wait to get in the garden and read it. Where I found myself totally hooked this is a page tuner and a half. Chapter one starts off very gritty where we meet Marcia who is woken from a deep sleep deciding whether her front door has been forced over or if the noise was a dream. I knew from the first page I was going to like this book with a griping start, which had me on the edge of my seat. Then we meet Detective Joe Stone who girlfriend disappeared and he is still trying to find her. There is a psychopath serial killer on the lose. Can Joe find the killer before a civil war breaks out with two rival Mafia family's?! The story is told from Joe's point of view which I loved and also the use of short chapters. With each chapter leaving you wanting more. Jack Steele is an excellent writer with descriptions of London that made me feel like I was there in the story. Jack has clearly done his research and is show throughout this story. I have to say, WOW what an ending.....the words "What that is never the end" left my mouth at the end. Jack has left us on a cliffhanger. I seriously can not wait to read the next Joe Stone book to find out what is in store for him next and get to know him more. I am sure there is plenty more character development with him I found him likable and very intriguing with the whole girlfriend going missing story line. Loose Cannon is a must read for anyone that enjoys gangland with this face-paced gripping read which will take you on one hell of a journey. Which I highly recommend giving it 5 massive stars.

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